The renewal of vows

April 27, 2020
Tandem en marinière blog mariage et circuit touristique en Bretagne

Five years ago, Béatrice and François said “yes” to La Chapelle des Sables d’Or in the Côtes d’Armor. On July 18, 2020, They will celebrate their 5 years of marriage and for this occasion, they wished to renew their vows.

The desire to commit again, to relive a perfect day under the sign of love and celebration.

But how to renew his vows?

The first thing you need to think about is the ceremony: Three possible options.According to your convictions, you can move towards a religious ceremony of renewal of vows, the union will be blessed a second time. At the town hall, the civil vows will be renewed. Third option: the secular ceremony.


You choose to renew your vows before God, you will have to contact the parish or the representative of worship of your commune, who will be delighted to meet you and set a date with you.

Town hall

Contacting the town hall of your main or secondary residence to set a date is very quick.

Secular ceremony

See choose to make a secular ceremony, I advise you to call on a professional Coach who will guide you in the conduct of the ceremony.There are different formulas proposed by the professionals, I advise you: Demoiselle capeline or a Petit point de tout based in Ille and Vilaine.

You also have to determine the type of day you want to spend. Will it be a small committee, a very small committee? Parents, children, witnesses, friends? Or will you do the reception?If your home allows, why not in your garden, in the garden of the family home in the countryside, by the sea or rent a restaurant with terrace view or sea view.

The renewal of wedding vows. Or how to say beautifully “I love you” again.

2 main reasons to renew your marriage vows

For some time the renewals of vows have become a trend, or a resistance to the whirlwind of our system, even Beyonce and Jay-Z have confirmed their commitment in the south of France in 2018! Loving each other in spite of all the hardships, the family, our children, the cost of life…. Our modern-day heroes,;) who face all the possible trials of a love story.

1/ To renew one’s vows is to confirm one’s commitment, one’s feelings… it is to say again “I love you” and it is for life”. Great love exists and hard always.

I was 17 years old (I am 37:( ) when my grandparents, now disappeared, renewed their vows at La Chapelle de Tréanna at Elliant in South Finistère => it was their 50 years of marriage… A beautiful, moving and highly symbolic moment. And then we celebrated…

Tandem en marinière blog mariage et circuit touristique en Bretagne

2/ Party again : and yes that says “Wedding” says “Fiesta”! Your couple will be at the center of the event and you can enjoy it. We all know that on wedding day, the day goes by extremely fast, little time to enjoy each of your guests. The renewal of vows is to be able again to enjoy his loved ones and for a good reason. It also means taking stock of your marriage and choosing to take over the same beneficiaries or change something. Have for example the wedding decoration of your dreams, choose another caterer, a photographer and grant this post more budget to have “the couple’s photo’ that you miss, redo photos but this time with your children, your whole family, have THE wedding cake,… And finally, will you put your dress back on?

So are you these adventurers victorious of love? Want to renew your vows?  A romantic way to confirm his commitment, his feelings and his motivation to make a successful life last.

tandem en marinière blog mariage et circuit touristique en Bretagne Renouvellement de voeux

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